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3. Ślady osadnictwa kultur postlinearnych / 3. Traces of post-LBK occupation

DOI: 10.33547/ODA-SAH.08.Lud.03

Ślady osadnictwa kultur postlinearnych / Traces of post-LBK occupation

by Lech Czerniak 1

1 – Instytut Archeologii i Etnologii, Uniwersytet Gdański

In: Joanna Pyzel (ed.) 2019. Ludwinowo, stanowisko 7. Osada neolityczna na Kujawach / Ludwinowo, site 7. Neolithic settlement in Kuyavia, Ocalone Dziedzictwo Archeologiczne 8, Pękowice – Gdańsk: Profil-Archeo, University of Gdańsk Publishing House, pp. 147-173.

Abstract: Chapter 3 presents the results of analysis of post-LBK occupation traces at Ludwinowo 7. They belong to two chronological stages. The Late Band Pottery culture (SPC) is represented by dispersed pit clusters which are remains of regular, short-lived farmsteads. The communities of the following Brześć Kujawski culture did not settle at Ludwinowo but performed diverse ritual activities referring to the abandoned LBK village.

Keywords: Ludwinowo, Kuyavia, Neolithic, post-LBK, Late Band Pottery culture, Brześć Kujawski culture

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