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My encounters with the language and culture of Jordan. Polish students in Jordan

DOI: 10.33547/DiscEdom2019.08

Nature, science and tourism. Polish research on the natural environment of southern Jordan and the tourist potential of the region – outline and perspectives

by Diana Pokrzywa 1

1 – Oriental Philology, Arab language studies, Jagiellonian University

In: Discovering Edom. Polish archaeological activity in southern Jordan, Piotr Kołodziejczyk (ed.), Kraków: Profil-Archeo, Euclid Foundation for Science Popularization, Institute of Archaeology – Jagiellonian University, 2019, pp. 143-151. DOI:

Abstract: Participation in research conducted by Polish scientific projects in Jordan offers many opportunities for development to students of various disciplines. Most of them are students of archaeology, but there is also much work to be done and experience to be acquired for students of Arabic philology, linguistics, ethnology, cultural studies, law, political studies, sociology, and more. As a part of Kraków research activities in Jordan, some student projects concerning popularization of science, Arabic language and culture have begun. All of them take place in cooperation with the Polish Embassy in Amman and thanks to the great support of its personnel.

Keywords: students, student internships, southern Jordan, language,
Jordanian culture

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