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The Stefkowa hoard and its connections with the upper Tisa basin

DOI: 10.33547/PraceArch.69.10

The Stefkowa hoard and its connections with the upper Tisa basin

by Josip V. Kobal 1

1 – National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Scientific Research Centre “Rescue Archeological Service”, Lviv, Ukraine

In: M. S. Przybyła, K. Dzięgielewski (eds.), Chasing Bronze Age rainbows. Studies on hoards and related phenomena in prehistoric Europe in honour of Wojciech Blajer, Prace Archeologiczne 69, Kraków: Institute of Archaeology, Jagiellonian University / Profil-Archeo, 2019, pp. 177-186.

Abstract: The specific nature and connections of the Stefkowa hoard (SE Poland), originating from the Middle Bronze Age, have long been noticed by Polish archaeologists. The “imported” character of the assemblage has also been indicated many times by Professor Blajer. In this paper author reassesses the typology and chronology of the finds from Stefkowa and their counterparts (e.g. Nyíregyháza-Bujtos II, or Mali Heivtsi I hoards), especially the battle-axes with a disc on the butt, and analyses remote connections reflected by these bronzes. The hoards from Stefkowa and Mali Heivtsi I probably mark the easternmost flank of a communication route which led from the upper Tisa basin in two directions: to the west through northern Hungary and Slovakia, Moravia, and the Bohemian Basin and next along the Elbe River to the North Sea, and to the north, to the upper Vistula basin (San) and next along the Vistula to the Baltic coasts.

Key words: hoards, battle-axes, long-distance contacts, Middle Bronze Age, Carpathian Basin

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