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6. Podsumowanie

DOI: 10.33547/ODA-SAH.10.ZN.06

Podsumowanie (Recapitulation)

by Małgorzata Cieślak-Kopyt 1

1 – Muzeum im. Jacka Malczewskiego w Radomiu

In:  M. Cieślak-Kopyt, D. Pogodzińska 2020. Żelazna Nowa, stanowisko 2. Cmentarzysko kultury przeworskiej z Zapilcza na południowym Mazowszu, Ocalone Dziedzictwo Archeologiczne 10, Radom – Pękowice: Muzeum im. J. Malczewskiego w Radomiu, Wydawnictwo Profil-Archeo, p. 91.

Abstract: In light of the research carried out to date, site 2 in Żelazna Nowa ranks among the most interesting discoveries in southern Mazovia region. Even the preliminary dating of the cemetery allows placing it among the longest-functioning Przeworsk culture necropolises (phases A3–C1b/C2). A number of phenomena recorded in the site suggest a unique nature of this necropolis. One can mention here the unique groove feature with a family burial (?), indicative of strong connections with the Celtic traditions spreading from the south along the Vistula River.