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1. Wstęp

DOI: 10.33547/ODA-SAH.10.ZN.01

Wstęp (Introduction)

by Małgorzata Cieślak-Kopyt 1

1 – Muzeum im. Jacka Malczewskiego w Radomiu

In:  M. Cieślak-Kopyt, D. Pogodzińska 2020. Żelazna Nowa, stanowisko 2. Cmentarzysko kultury przeworskiej z Zapilcza na południowym Mazowszu, Ocalone Dziedzictwo Archeologiczne 10, Radom – Pękowice: Muzeum im. J. Malczewskiego w Radomiu, Wydawnictwo Profil-Archeo, pp. 7-10.

Abstract: The Przeworsk culture cemetery in Żelazna Nowa was discovered in 1999, when Stanisław Organiściak found large concentrations of artefacts on the surface of fields belonging to the villages of Żelazna Stara and Żelazna Nowa. The new sites in Żelazna Nowa were later confirmed archaeologically and identified as a cremation cemetery of the Przeworsk culture (site 2), and a settlement of Pomeranian and Przeworsk cultures (site 3). What was evident from the beginning was considerable destruction of the cemetery, caused by prolonged deep ploughing, actions of amateur archaeologists, and floods of the Vistula River, today flowing approx. 2.5 km north-east of the site. The edge of the river terrace forms a distinct arch pointing to the west, and marks a meander scar of the Vistula. Both archaeological sites lie within this arc. The settlement neighbouring the cemetery was investigated by means of surface surveys. Despite relatively large amounts of pottery and daub found on the ground surface, no considerable damage to the archaeological features was observed.