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Bronze bracelets from the Slovak Karst

DOI: 10.33547/PraceArch.69.24

Bronze bracelets from the Slovak Karst

by Elena Miroššayová 1

1 – Archeologický ústav SAV, Košice, Slovakia

In: M. S. Przybyła, K. Dzięgielewski (eds.), Chasing Bronze Age rainbows. Studies on hoards and related phenomena in prehistoric Europe in honour of Wojciech Blajer, Prace Archeologiczne 69, Kraków: Institute of Archaeology, Jagiellonian University / Profil-Archeo, 2019, pp. 499-508.

Abstract: The article focuses on the chronological and cultural assessment of a group of bronze bar bracelets from the cave of Kamenná tvár in Háj and from Zádiel. Their finds are associated with the late Bronze Age and Hallstatt period occupation in the eastern edge of the geographical unit of Slovak Karst. The settlement structure of the microregion started to form in the Late Bronze Age, when the territory was part of the Kyjatice culture. The studied bracelets do not have direct analogies in the local environment, and are typologically close to finds from Eastern Hallstatt and Balkan environments. The chronological position of the above-mentioned analogies supports dating the bracelets from Háj and Zádiel to stages Ha C2/Ha D1 – Ha D.

Key words: East Slovakia, Slovak Karst, Hallstatt period, cultural contacts, bronze bracelets

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